3 Ways to Wear African Print Blouses

You’ve had your eye on some beautiful African print blouses for a while now, but you still haven’t worked up the nerve to make the purchase. They’re absolutely beautiful, no doubt, but there seems to be just one thing holding you back. You are not sure of how you plan on styling them. African print blouses, despite being so eye-catching, are actually pretty flexible in how you can style them and can be worn in a number of different ways for many occasions. Here are just a few examples to help get you started styling some African print blouses. Take these as inspiration and try to find new, fun ways to dress in these fashionable clothes.

As a Layering Piece
Let’s start off simple here with an easy way to introduce the vibrant, bold prints into your normal outfits. You can easily start wearing your African print blouses in a more subdued way that is less noticeable, in case you are not as used to wearing bold prints like Ankara. Start wearing your blouses with something on overtop. This could be a cardigan or a lightweight jacket of some variety. The idea is to show only a portion of the blouse at a time so that you do not find it to be too overwhelming for your outfit. The jacket tones down the print and makes your look overall much more subtle, so you do not have to feel like you are standing out in some way.

To Mix Prints
If, however, you are not one to shy away from a bold print, you might be much more excited to experiment with this new style. For those more excited by bright, bold prints, it could be a good idea to embrace that fully and add to the print. Try coordinating your Ankara print blouse with a pair of pants or a skirt that have their own print. Mixing patterns and prints is a fun way to experiment with fashion and can be a great way to stretch your styling muscles. The trick is to find the right combination of prints. You can look for a completely different print that has the same colors featured so that the two pieces still look cohesive and intentionally styled. Another quick tip is to pair a unique print of a blouse with a more geometric and linear print like stripes or plaid to balance each other out. Have some fun with this sort of styling.

Show Off a Design
A way to style your African print blouses that is in the middle ground, so to speak, is to let them be the highlight of the outfit. Try to not wear anything else that competes with your blouse and your outfit should overall look pretty balanced and stylish. Styling your outfit this way also gives you the chance to fully embrace the print you chose and to let that be on display easily. If your blouse is the only part of your ensemble that contains a print, it will draw attention without having the rest of your outfit competing with it. Choose bottoms that are in a solid color and match the top. They could be either a neutral color like black or a color that is in the print of the blouse as well.

To get your hands on some new African print blouses that you can start styling right away, check out aashopusa.com and see all of the African fashions they have available. They carry all sorts of colors and prints that you can have fun wearing in new and exciting ways. Step up your style game with some new blouses and a few new ideas for how to wear them. You are sure to have a good time.

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