5 Stunning Outfit Ideas for Your Reversible Mink Jacket

Finding the perfect garment for any season can give you an exceptional feeling of happiness and even fulfillment. It happens when you find that perfectly complimenting summer dress for warmer months or even when you find that jacket or coat that is everything you need it to be: stunning, insulating, and even weather-proof.

While finding that sublime piece of clothing is always an enjoyable experience, it’s no secret that sometimes, we can get bored quickly with a particular garment. It may not pair well with certain outfits or maybe we just overwear it and get unenthused about even considering putting it on.

That is why you should consider getting something that offers you more than just one stable look. Instead, you could get something like a reversible mink jacket to supply you with everything you need out of a jacket along with two separate and stunning looks to use to your and your style’s advantage.

A reversible mink jacket, in particular, is a fine example of such a garment: gorgeous, luxurious, insulating, soft, and versatile. Let’s take a look at five stunning ways to wear a mink jacket that’s reversible so you can see just how multifaceted it can be!

1. Jeans and High Heels
Looking for a more casual yet sexy look? Then pair your gorgeous mink coat with a pair of jeans and high heels with either side of your jacket showing to those envying onlookers. With this look, you will perfectly encapsulate casual and luxury in one place. Your jeans can either be fashionably torn or be clean. We also recommend skinny jeans or bootcut over flare.

2. Leather Pants/Leggings and High Heels
Leather in pants (and skirts) is officially in style! Take the most advantage of this stunning and sexy look by wearing leather pants or leggings along with your mink jacket. These sexy and slimming pants can perfectly complement your mink jacket as they don’t take away from the unique look of your jacket, but provide a subtle style alongside it.

When you add in high heels, you are accentuating your look even further and adding just the right amount of glamour!

3. Leather Skirt, Leggings, and Boots (Knee or Ankle)
And the leather look continues, only in the form of a skirt this time! Opt for an above-the-knee leather skirt and add leggings in for warmth. You can then wear either style of boots that fits you best: knee or ankle-length, high heel or flat. The choices are undeniably yours (but all will look great)!

4. Mid-Thigh Dress with Knee-High Boots
Now for something that is a little less casual and more on the formal side. You can wear a gorgeous dress that reaches anywhere above the knee. Some dress styles that come to mind are body-con dresses and silk gowns. These will provide you with a stunning look that can be construed as formal. Throw on some knee-high boots and you’re really ready to go!

5. Floor-Length Dress with High Heels
Speaking of “formal,” this is yet another place where a fur jacket can shine (although it can shine anywhere!). Wearing your mink jacket with a floor-length dress or gown will really boast a luxurious and stylish look for you. When you add in a pair of shimmering high heels, you’ll be the talk of the town at the wedding, gala, or other such events you attend!

Are you ready to really improve your wardrobe? Then head on over to Maximilian, a professional and experienced furrier that has some of the most stunning, high-quality, and luxurious fur garments on the market today, including reversible mink jackets. Be sure to give them a call at 800-TLC-FURS so they can help you find the perfect fur garment for you!

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