Benefits and Activation of Chakra Pendants

Chakra pendants of necklaces have become widely recognized worldwide. These pendants have a significant purpose towards self-healing and positive vibrations. Just by wearing these pendants, one can already feel relaxed in a stressful situation and be able to put their thoughts together in an organized way. This also provides balance and inner peace, releasing good vibrations towards their environment.

The history of chakra jewelry dates back to India in the Middle Ages, they say that the history of such pieces of jewelry is as old as the history of the country itself. The word chakra is actually a Sanskrit for centers for vital energy of the human body. And to have a dainty piece of jewelry that creates balance within your mind and body is as spectacular as anything can be.

Let’s learn some more about the benefits of chakra jewelry in your life and mindset besides its tasteful beauty.

Calms the senses
There are certain times in our life when we can’t help but burst into tears or get easily depressed with a really stressful situation. We no longer have the energy to fight against those emotions especially if we usually get those every day at work or at home. To be able to cope with those negativities, we use a piece of chakra jewelry to be able to live another day and put our thoughts together in a positive way. Because of how they should be used in our lives, chakra gems and jewelry connect the body and mind, releasing positive energy that radiates.

Any chakra jewelry, may it be necklaces, pendants, rings, or bracelets provide healing properties not just in the mind but in our soul too. Any piece of chakra jewelry is a universal healer.

Spiritual Health
Wearing a chakra pendant on your necklace not only helps you heal physically but more importantly helps you stay healthy spiritually. This provides the wearer with a balanced state of mind and a more grounded personality to discover the inner self and power through life’s hurdles.

Seven Gems
There are seven various gems that come with healing properties used in the pendant of a chakra necklace.

1. Clear Quartz
This is the ultimate powerful stone with booster properties that amplifies wisdom and mental stability. It does not only invite positive energies but drives them out too.

2. Rose Quartz
Also known as the stone of love which not only brings harmony but also peace in your life. This is really helpful for anyone with a relationship crisis and just lacks self-love altogether. The stone helps you calm your nerves and releases you from fear and anxiety.

3. Amethyst
This is great for when you want overall spiritual assistance. The amethyst stone in the pendant of your chakra necklace can be used for all purposes. The greatest power it has is that it is the go-to stone for anyone with any type of negative habits or behaviors. This helps them focus and meditate towards self-contentment and inner peace.

4. Aventurine
Are you looking for “the one”? If you’re no longer interested in short-lived love affairs and want all heartaches to be erased from your system to start anew, the aventurine crystals are the right ones for you.

5. Citrine
This yellow-colored crystal possesses the healing properties of the sun. It relieves you from all negative energies that pester your mind and soul, gives clarity in thoughts and immunity.

6. Carnelian
It is time to shine and rock with confidence. This crystal helps you overcome unnecessary fears and anxieties that ruin your mindset.

7. Black Tourmaline
Is the one crystal that wards off negativity in any space. It also helps keep your mind and body fit to overcome any hurdles in life.

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