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Everyone knows how fun fur coats can be. The luxury, the class, and the overall elegance it can bring to any outfit are unmatched. Authentic fur is overall a very timeless type of clothing that is an essential part of any wardrobe. Fur was originally intended to keep people warm during brisk, cold weather. While fur is still intended for its original purpose, it has been transformed into a fashion statement that will last many lifetimes.

Anyone who has genuine fur coats & jackets knows that it will elevate any outfit they pair with it. You see it all the time: draped over celebrities at red carpets, shown off on fashion runways, and even spotted on the streets of major cities around the world. Fur offers an air of class and whimsy that other clothing pieces cannot replicate. If you own or are thinking of investing in a fur coat, you should know that it’s meant to be properly taken care of and ultimately cherished.

There are many options on the market for outerwear that claim to keep you warm, insulate you from the cold weather and harsh winds, and prove that you don’t need to layer up to keep warm. That may be true for some, but usually, winter coats call for other garments underneath that defeat the purpose of the original coat. A luxury winter coat, for example, should provide all of those things.

Genuine fur coats offer a different kind of experience when it comes to outwear. No matter what type of fur you choose to sport, a good fur coat will only remain good if it’s genuine fur. There are many different types of fur to choose from when thinking of investing in a fur coat or jacket. The typical furs that you often see people wearing are fox fur, mink fur, and rabbit fur. Other types of fur that aren’t as common due to their high price point are sable fur and chinchilla fur.

Depending on what you want in a fur coat, it all depends on the genuine fur you need to choose. Some furs are warmer than others and some furs are softer. Some furs offer both the warmth and the softness you are searching for.

To narrow down your search and see which fur would be best for you, consider looking into the fur selection from Maximilian. There, you can find a wide array of genuine fur jackets and coats that will exceed your expectations and preconceived ideas about fur coats.

Why Choose Maximilian

Any of these genuine fur coats & jackets offered at would be a perfect addition to any outfit, no matter the occasion. Maximilian is the best place to shop for all of your fur accessories and fur coat needs. If you are interested in what Maximilian has to offer, check out their online store at or find one of their many storefront locations all over the county.

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