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Fashion is a form of self-expression, and you say a lot about yourself in your clothes. The look and feel is essential, of course. But the brand you wear probably stands for even more.

There are some tremendous ethical clothing brands for men who seek to focus on sustainability and ethical production.

An ethical fashion is an approach to the procurement, manufacture, and design of clothes that maximizes the benefits for the fashion industry and society while reducing its environmental impact. The two concepts overlap in ideology, but each has somewhat different concerns, both equally crucial for the future of fashion.

Some men care about their clothes. Some men don’t care about them. Your clothes have a good chance of having an impact.
Just remember the most ethical menswear that hangs in your closet.

Some of the following are:

And the award for the brand of sustainable men’s clothing goes to Everlane! It is a one-stop-shop for every occasion and everyday needs of your business. Their choice includes Ethical Boys T-Shirts and polos, suit jackets and slacks, parks recycled, underwear, ethical sneakers, and much more.

The Classic T-Shirt Company manufactures Ethical Boys T-Shirts that last AND are super soft. They have a handful of classic colors and four styles (small or long sleeves and crews or V-necks) that simplify things.

Inspired surfing or ready for adventure? Outerknown makes fair trade men dressed rustic in appearance, rough and soft to the touch, such as sweatshirts, jeans, tees, henleys, polo shirts.

Arms of Andes was founded in Peru in 2018 by siblings Meli and Rensso Hinostroza. As Peruvian descent Californians, they have decided to “bridge the gap between [their] heritage and modern worlds.”

Organic Basics is one of the favorites in our article on ethical underwear, and then again on eco-friendly activewear.

They are perfect for your everyday needs with well-made, sustainable male clothing and accessories, able to withstand time tests and an impressive list of ethical criteria. Check each item’s impact index for a sense of the actual cost of your purchase.

If you have read our other pieces of fashion, you may recognize this brand. For men, women, and children, the Pact makes ethical underwear and activewear. Their well-made and affordable male ethical apparel includes socks, boxers, braces, sweaters, Ethical Boys T-Shirts, polos, sleeve tops, and hoodies. All clothing is classic for a timeless look that easily matches any outfit.

Groceries Apparel is an American fashion brand. They redefine openness and human responsibility through support for family farms, local production, living wages, and post-consumer ingredients without Monsanto.

Their comfortable and affordable men’s clothing includes Ethical Boys T-Shirts, a few organic hoodies, sweatshirts, and joggers.

Passion Lilie has eco street credits in tonnes. They are a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Green America Certified Business, and 500 members of the Ethical Fashion Forum. We were impressed by azo-free dyes!

Their Fair Trade Men’s clothes mostly include printed button-downs, long or short sleeves, and many patterns. They also have one chambray style of shorts.

We may be partial because their clothes worked well for us during our trips and indoor activities, but we’re not sorry because Patagonia is one of the most sustainable brands around.

You have the best clothing for men in Fair Trade, including sweaters, sweaters, jackets for rain, ski jackets, down and synthetic jackets, jackets, hiking, climbing pants, swimming trunks, hats, shirts, gloves backpacks. They have the best clothing.

Tentree is a Canadian manufacturer of sustainable outdoor men’s clothing to “motivate and encourage environmental governance through earthly clothing.”

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