How a Black Jacket with Fur Collar can Ultimately Lift Your Style and Keep You Warm

For thousands of years, before all this talk about faux fur, only genuine furs can keep mankind warm and safe. Today, it still is the only effective garment that can efficiently insulate anyone from the cold weather and harsh winds. You won’t even have to worry about layering up so much to keep you warm, just a warm hug from a beautiful fur coat and you’re fine.

If you ever heard about grandmothers passing down old-timey mink fur coats to their great-granddaughters. That’s only because fur coats are not only timeless, they will always be in style no matter what decade you decide to take them out from the closet. This is why genuine fur coats are quite expensive, you are paying for heirloom quality and not just for its popularity—well, you are, but you most definitely will get what you paid for.

If you want, you can always wear them every winter for the rest of your life. You just have to simply store it properly, keep it in climate-controlled storage units so it will live longer. That way, you can always take them out to use during the cold months to keep you warm while looking elegant and fashionable at the same time.

Now, there are people who aren’t really into coats despite the brisk cold weather and would rather prefer to wear a jacket instead. But there are jackets that aren’t capable to keep you warm. You’re gonna have to do some extreme layering in order to keep you warm and keep the cold air from cutting through.

Granted that the clothing technology has improved with all its breakthrough in thermal clothing that traps heat better than a regular jacket. However, there are other options that far exceed the warmth these types of clothing offer and that would be what fur coats and jackets have.

Don’t miss out on the incredible warmth a fur jacket has to offer. If it has kept people warm for centuries before all these innovations in the clothing industry, it’s not going to change the way it will keep you warm today. The only thing that has improved is the level of style it has shown especially in the fabulous fashion runways of the world. But no matter what year and age your fur jacket came from, if you wear it out on the street, you’ll definitely be making a fashion statement.

Not only do fur jackets provide exceptional warmth, but they are also incredibly fashion-forward. And no matter what you wear underneath it, it will naturally lift everything up keeping you look absolutely posh. For the ultimate effortless ensemble, try on a black jacket with a fur collar and a simple black turtle neck underneath it. Whether you’re going on a usual trip to work, a fancy date night or a casual Sunday, a black jacket with a fur collar will do its job and make you look good and feel warm all at the same time.

If you are interested in finding out more about fur coats and jackets, visit the Maximillian fur store. They have locations all over the country and an online store where you can browse for a potential black jacket with the fur hood you might want to check out for the fall season.

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