Reasons why organic cotton clothes are great options for your baby

The internet has a lot of articles and information on the benefits of organic products for your baby. Organic baby clothes are a big topic today since they hold a number of benefits for the tender skin of your baby. Here are the top advantages of organic cotton clothing and bedding for your baby so that you are guided rightly to invest in the right kind of options while shopping for baby clothing and accessories.

Chemical and pesticide free
Cotton is durable and feels good on human skin. Cotton is one of the most widely available and popular products on the earth. One of the downsides of cotton as a material for clothes is that they are highly sprayed with pesticides. The frenzy connected to rampant industrialization and the drive to beat the competition with the cheapest clothing options make the producers rely heavily on chemicals and pesticides to quicken the crop’s maturity and increase the yield per hectare. The environmental Protection Agency says most of these chemicals employed in growing cotton including permethrin are carcinogens. Hence organic cotton that is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are highly preferred over the conventionally grown cotton.

Better quality
Organically grown cotton is formed with enough care and can assure the best quality. Organic cotton clothes can withstand repeated washes and still work well and look good for years. Organic cotton is especially a good choice for hats, beanies and gloves since these components of clothing are highly exposed to the external weather conditions. In fact, if the organic cotton clothing accessories you buy can suit your baby’s size during its growth, you can conveniently use them for two whole seasons.

Lesser impact on the environment
Majority of humans have now started sharing deep concerns about the environmental impact of the products we use in our lives. Hence a lot of people are keen to move to environmental friendly options in clothing, travelling and eating. Organic cotton clothes put lesser stress on the environment since the farmers have to detoxify the land before growing it. Organic farming necessitates the application of practices beneficial to nature like crop rotation and the mechanical removal of weeds. Seeds used for organic farming are not treated with fungicides. Since no harmful chemical is used in the cultivation of organic cotton, the bugs and animals moving around the fields are not killed. Genetically modified organisms are not used for farming. These factors contribute to reducing the impact of products on the environment which is a highly desirable one while shopping for your baby clothes.

Organic cotton feels more comfortable on your baby’s body
By wearing organic cotton clothing, your baby’s skin is less likely to invite rashes and breaks. Babies feel more comfortable when dressed up in organic clothes. Organic cotton clothing also suits a wide variety of climatic conditions. It wicks away moisture and is the best ventilating agent available today to soothe the baby’s skin with cool air.

Looking from different angles, it is no wonder that increasing number of parents are moving towards organic cotton clothing for babies and for the rest of their family.

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