The Fur Look You Need For A Date Night

The events of the past year have given us an opportunity to appreciate the little things, strive for positivity and fill the grey fall days with colors. Fall days have never been colorful and bright but because of the need to make things a little bit livelier, we are now going to face the kaleidoscopic response of the fashion world—multicolored fur coats.

We’ve always liked the classic monochrome such as black, brown, and beige, they will always be the fine choice for a touch of elegance and sophistication when choosing a color of a fur coat. However, these colors just make everything else seem heavier than they already are and we don’t want more of that. We need a change of perspective, the chance to rev up our A-game in fashion, and the opportunity to be different than everybody else. With multicolored fur coats, the possibility to be lovely and unique in your own little way through the help of what’s already in your wardrobe is an incredible shot at giving life on stuff you never thought still matters. Below are the occasions when you can be creative with your colorful fur coat.

The Party Look
As things have slowly gone back to normal again, the idea of going out to party is becoming more vivid each month. We know it’s been a long time since you went out for some drinks with your friends, so unless you want to stay in your pajamas, raid your closet for that cute black leather skirt and a basic white tee. And by the tee, we mean halter choker neck with a teardrop cut just right below the top part of the blouse. If you don’t have this, any tank tops would do as long as it compliments the skirt. Polish off this whole outfit with thigh-high black leather boots and a multicolored coat.

The Satur-date
An increasing number of people have worked out their doubts and fears regarding the vaccine that’s supposed to strengthen our immunity against the coronavirus. This only means that in one way or another, people will start mingling with other people once again. To celebrate this, it’s high time we embrace the multicolored coat and/or jacket trend for a more vibrant and joyful first date. The famous LBD has always been a lucky first date dress for most women and while we’re here to buck up on our taste in fashion, why not choose more sultry silk with a thigh-high slit? Wrap up this whole outfit with tasteful ankle-high suede boots and dainty jewelry items.

The Night at The Orchestra
Apart from the nitty-gritty of the dating scene which usually involves a dinner reservation and a nightcap on the first date, the second date should be a lot more interesting this time. If you’re lucky and you land on a sophisticated guy with style, he’ll either take you on a helicopter ride to see the city lights from above but if we’re leaning towards a more possible idea, then he’ll probably give you two tickets to watch the state orchestra. Now, everyone knows that you have to dress up really nice in events like these. Most people would often choose to wrap up in black or brown fur for the night but not you. No. A multicolored fur jacket or a full-length fur coat would make an excellent production number over your long red dress. Round the whole outfit off with strappy silver pumps and say hello to the third date since this night surely begs for a follow-up.

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