What is My Spirit Animal? How to Find Yours

Your spirit animal is a key element to staying in tune with yourself and the path before you. It provides you with lessons, power, wisdom, and protection, no matter the circumstances. A spirit animal can bring meaning to your life and assist you in finding your path with unparalleled guidance.

Everyone’s spirit animal is different. Many just have one throughout their lives, while others have multiple. What dictates your spirit animal at a specific moment is contingent on a number of factors. A specific occasion, major life event, phase, or even age can all affect what your spirit animal is.

You’ve landed here because you asked yourself, “What is my spirit animal?” You need to do a bit of digging in order to find it. It’s good to note first of what the most common spirit animals are, which are the butterfly, spider, crow, owl, hummingbird, hawk, grasshopper, wolf, and eagle, but there are plenty more as well. Now to get to discovering which one is yours.

Pay Close Attention to Your Dreams
More often than not, your spirit animal will present itself in your dreams. When we sleep, our brains attempt to sift through the events of the previous day and the information it received throughout it. While you may be “turned off,” your brain isn’t and is actually incredibly active. During that time, your spirit animal might hop into your mind when you are most vulnerable to provide you with the guidance and advice you need most.

Consider Your Zodiac Sign
In some traditions, there is a spirit animal associated with each Zodiac sign. These spirit animals best emanate their associated Zodiac signs in a general sense, but of course isn’t always definite. It depends on the person, his or her situation, and much more. Having said that, it’s still worth it to examine your Zodiac sign and its spirit animal:

● Aries = hawk

● Taurus = beaver

● Gemini = deer

● Cancer = woodpecker

● Leo = salmon

● Virgo = bear

● Libra = raven

● Scorpio = snake

● Sagittarius = owl

● Capricorn = goose

● Aquarius = otter

● Pisces = wolf

Animals You Connect with
Sometimes finding your spirit animal doesn’t need to be that deep of a dive. Simply thinking about what animals you have connected closely with in the past or ones that you feel magnetized to over and over again could supply you with your answer.

Meditate and Let it Come to You
A promising way of finding your spirit animal is by allowing yourself to be open to it and permitting it to come to you. Meditate for at least five minutes per day until it appears to you in your mind’s eye (and even afterwards because there are numerous advantages to meditation). Once you’re open minded to it, it’ll find its way to you.

Asking yourself “What is my spirit animal?” is the right first step to take in finding your spirit animal. If none of these options sound appealing to you, you also have the option to try out the Spirit Animal Test from Energy Artist Julia to give yourself a good idea of what your spirit animal is. No matter which method you use to find your spirit animal, it will be worth the effort.

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