What Makes Up Land Surveying in Calgary

The magnificent and numerous skyscrapers in Calgary are what genuinely define the cosmopolitan city today. Interestingly, the tallest building in Calgary is the Husky Tower, reaching about 190.8 meters with 802 steps in the staircase. The foundation of this spectacular architecture is Calgary land surveyors, professionals in building land.

Land surveying
Land surveyors examine a land or property that interested customers can redefine into something new and better. They take precise measurements of how much land is needed and other factors that may affect the boundary.

Why it is essential
When looking for a property, you might visualize the building, its look, where it would be, and how much space it would occupy. Land surveyors can bring your vision to life and give it more precision and practicality. It consists of methods of mapping, surveying, and engineering works done on the ground.

The aspects of land surveying
One to belong in completing the image of skyscrapers and architecture in Calgary? First, look at how experts take the first step toward your dream building and everyone else’s.

Land development
Whether urban or rural land, it starts by evaluating the land to properly set out plans and appropriate engineering methods needed in your property. It involves the following actions:

● Subdivision, Site, and Condo plans

● Real Property Reports (RPRs)

● Development Permit, Topo, and Control Surveys

● Utility Layouts

Land surveying is not only limited to land properties of houses or company buildings, but also includes infrastructures of roads, bridges, and rails. Infrastructure work in land surveying involves:

● Legal, As-built, Control, Drone, and Topo Surveys

● Layouts

● Deformation Monitoring

● Earthworks Volumes

● Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC)

The general work of construction is also applicable in land surveying. As a part of the ‘starting point’ process, construction work can range to the following:

● Earthworks

● Volumes

● Cut/Fill Design

● Volume Reporting


● Grade Design / Grade Sheets

● Foundations

● Piles / Grade Beams / Anchor Bolts

● Foundation Layouts

● Roads: Alignment Staking / Volumes

This construction type consists of processing or transmission facilities (ex., pipelines). Land surveyors consider the following actions in assessing midstream construction:

● Route Planning

● Alignment Sheets / Weld Mapping

● As-built and Drone Surveys

● Integrity Surveys / Dig Sites

● Depth of Cover Analysis

● Watercourse Crossing As-builts (Sonar/Depth of Cover)

● Line Locating

● Mapping

Related to midstream, upstream is the first step that follows midstream in the oil production industry. It includes the work of extraction, drilling, and exploration. Land surveyors make the following applications when working upstream:

● Well sites / Padsites

● Pipeline and Facilities

● Site Civil Design

● Pile Layouts and Grade Staking

● Drilling Program Planning

● LiDAR Planning/Survey Plans

● Regulatory Plans

● Drone Surveys

● Line Locating

● Mapping

Power & renewables
The application of land surveying is also essential in power projects of establishing power lines, substations, and solar farms. Land surveyors take into note the following:

● Legal and Drone Surveys

● Planning / Mapping

● Pile Layouts

● As-Builts

● Grading Design / Layout

● Machine Control Assistance

Calgary is a part of Alberta with a vast land of oilsands, having an estimate of 165.4 billion barrels. Undoubtedly, maintaining and managing this type of land calls for professionals and a, part of which are land surveyors that do the following work:

● OSE Planning / Mapping

● OSE / OBS Wellsite Surveys

● Padsite Surveys

● Right of Way Surveys

● As-built Surveys

● Control Surveys

● Machine Control

● Drone Surveys

● Civil Earthworks Surveying

● Line Locating

● Mapping

Land surveying is the basis of every construction work there is. Recently, construction work and land development were significantly famous in Calgary, with $4.2 billion worth of such work. Comprising these various developments are land surveyors who mark the starting point of building your goal.

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