Benefits of Getting a Cigar Membership

If you are an active cigar aficionado, then the right move for you is likely to sign up for a cigar membership where you will be rewarded for all of your purchases. One VIP buyer membership program you should check out is from Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits right here.

Discounted Prices

This is probably the biggest selling point for most people and the hardest thing to argue against. It’s hard to be a naysayer when the dollar signs are right in front of your eyes. With a cigar membership, you will be given discounts on most items available on the website. And just like that, you can start to see the savings make your membership fees worth it. If you are interested in signing up for a cigar membership in the first place, you are likely one who enjoys smoking a cigar with some frequency. With steady discounts on your cigar purchases, you are saving a good amount of money right off the top. With all of that money saved, your membership fee is paid off in no time at all.

First Access to New Items

Another major benefit to signing up for a cigar membership is that you are given first access to some of the newest limited items as they appear on the website. You get to order new items and try them out before anyone else does. It’s pretty fun to know that you are one of a small group of people who are able to try out a particular item. You get to enjoy something before it gets opened up to the public. Even if this new item does not seem like it fits your taste, you still get the option early on to pass on it before the choice gets taken from you. On top of getting a first look at these new products, you get the reassurance that you will be able to get the new limited product before it might become sold out. You have first dibs on all of these special limited items year-round.

Surprise Offers

Some benefits of signing up for a cigar membership are the special surprises that get thrown your way throughout the year. As a member, you will occasionally be sent exclusive offers and promotions on some of the products. This connects to the previously mentioned benefit of saving money on discounted prices. All of the money you save on orders you wanted to make anyway just keep adding up. At this point, the membership essentially is just paying for itself on top of a few more benefits. One of those benefits being a special raffle the company holds every month for its VIP buyers. You will have your name thrown in the ring to get special prizes without even needing to ask to be entered. So not only do you get the option to purchase a bunch of different products at lower prices, but you have the chance of getting free products on top of that. Joining a membership certainly comes with some nice surprises.

If you are convinced, then all you have to do is head on over to Atlantic Cigar Co, where their cigar membership program comes with all of these benefits, plus a few more thrown in for good measure.

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