Benefits of Using Prebiotics for Cats

Ask any veterinarian and of course they will tell you that what your cat eats in a day plays a significant role in their health overall. Nutritious meals could help support their health in the present and future, and unbalanced, empty meals can keep your pet from getting the nutrients they need in a day for all of their bodily functions. As a cat owner, you want to give your pet every advantage possible to stay happy, healthy, and by your side for as long as possible. A balanced diet is fairly easy to achieve as well, you just want to keep in mind certain nutritional needs that your cat may not be getting enough of. From what we have seen, it is fairly common for cat owners to not know much about prebiotics for cats and therefore ignore it in their diets. While we consider the importance of a healthy, balanced diet for felines, we need to discuss prebiotics and how beneficial they are for your cat’s well-being. Let’s get into some of the benefits of acquiring prebiotics for cats and giving your pet proper servings of them.

Prebiotics vs Probiotics
People often mix these two up understandably, so let’s break things down here. Probiotics are essentially all of the healthy bacteria that exist in your digestive system that help your health. The body is full of bacteria, good and bad, and you want the good to outweigh the bad so that you have a balanced digestive system. Prebiotics on the other hand, are like the support for this healthy bacteria. They nourish the probiotics and provide them with what they need to do their jobs well in the gastrointestinal system.

Long-Term Benefits
It’s important to have a healthy balance of both probiotics and prebiotics for cats because they aid in digestion and reduce the chances of developing health issues like vomiting, diarrhea, and issues with their bowels. It is better to avoid all of these things altogether and try to prevent this discomfort in your pets whenever possible.

On top of being highly beneficial to your pets, prebiotics are incredibly easy to serve to them as well. You do not have to go far out of your way preparing certain meals with ingredients that are difficult to find. If you are worried that the food you are serving your cat does not provide them with enough prebiotics, you can always add a supplement to their diets that will give them the extra boost of support they need. You will just have to find a good supplement that is made with all natural ingredients like chicory root or fennel seed. One that we can confidently recommend is the one from They provide pet owners with lots of different high-quality, natural supplements for their pets that can give them the nutrients they need to be healthy and feel great. Check out the prebiotics for cats on their website and try adding it to your cat’s diet from now on for that extra digestive support.

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