Best Bariatric Protein Powder for Bariatric Patients

Bariatric surgery, otherwise known as weight loss surgery, is not just one surgery. This type of surgery consists of a variety of different procedures, some of the most common forms being gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries. The goal with each surgery is to help the patient lose a significant amount of weight.

Typically, patients who undergo this type of procedure are not at a healthy weight and need immediate results to drastically improve their health. This type of surgery is not a “quick fix” to lose a few pounds. Going through bariatric surgery is a long-term process, with long-term goals.

Undergoing any form of bariatric surgery is quite the process. A process that permanently changes the function of your stomach. Due to the drastic changes being done to your body, your diet will subsequently have to change, too. This may be the most challenging part of any bariatric patient’s recovery.

It’s important to add that recovery spans far past your physical body recovering from surgery, it goes deeper. Your new diet has to do with that deeper side of recovery. No need to panic, your doctor and the bariatric team will work with you to create a comprehensive recovery and diet plan, so you won’t have to go into this blind.

There’s a common rule of thumb when it comes to a bariatric surgery patient’s diet and that is protein. Protein is a staple macronutrient that is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle after surgery. Due to the changes done to your stomach, your body cannot absorb as many nutrients as it once did. To combat this, you must supplement many of the nutrients your body can no longer absorb.

This can be done simply by taking enough vitamin supplements, maintaining your dietary plan, and making sure you have enough protein. An easy way to supplement your daily amount of protein is by consuming a protein powder or protein drinks.

This can be a challenge all on its own. It’s a commonly known fact that some protein powders and protein shakes are not as good as others. Generally, certain protein powders can come in huge quantities, which are expensive. You might run into the problem of purchasing an expensive jug of protein powder and there will be an unpleasant texture and taste.

No one should have to go through that while just trying to maintain their daily nutritional needs. Additionally, as someone who needs to follow a bariatric diet, you must look out for any added sugars, which could significantly narrow your search.

All of these issues can be avoided with the help of Bariatric Eating, an online store, and community dedicated to providing bariatric friendly products and services.

Why Bariatric Eating?
This company was made by bariatric patients for bariatric patients, so you can trust they have your best interests in mind. They understand the difficulties of maintaining a healthy life after surgery and their products directly reflect that.

You’re in luck because on their website you can find the best bariatric protein powders commercially available. Their line of Inspire protein powders is made with 100% whey protein isolate and no added sugars. The flavors alone will convince you to try it out!

These high-quality protein powders are a delicious way to get your daily source of protein that will work for you and your diet. Check out all of their amazing products at! Their commitment to helping out fellow bariatric patients is what makes them a leading store for bariatric products. This will be your new favorite way to protein supplementation.

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