How to brew coffee – A beginner’s guide

If you look forward to make good coffee like your barista to achieve unique coffee blends, these simple tips can get you through learning how to make great tasting coffee.

Source the best quality coffee beans

The first step to landing on great tasting coffee is to ditch the pre-ground stale coffee sourced from the grocery store. Buy a bag of the best quality coffee beans from a good local shop or get it delivered at your doorstep by ordering online. You can also buy it from some local coffee roasters who are known to deliver the finest quality coffee. If good quality coffee is going to cost you a bit more, it is worth spending as you will land on a much better flavor and aroma and the resulting satisfaction.

Coffee’s peak flavor can last for not more than two weeks from the date of roasting it. Most coffee you will find on the shelves of grocery store would have already gone stale before you purchase it. Always remember, sourcing coffee within the shortest time possible after it was roasted and ground is the best way to land on the best aroma and flavor.

To keep the coffee beans fresher for longer times, it is good to store it is airtight container and keep away from moisture and sunlight at room temperature and never inside a fridge or freezer.

Water you use for coffee is important

The taste of the water used for brewing coffee can impact its taste significantly. Use mineral water or filtered water for brewing coffee.

Brewing methods

There are two methods of brewing coffee using the brewing gear you find in the market. In the immersion brewer method, you will use The French Press otherwise called as the ‘gateway’ coffee brewer. This is an economical and easy to use option. This can produce a full cup of coffee in about four minutes. The other methods under this category are AeroPress and Clever Dripper.

In the pour over method, you can bank on theV60, Kalita Wave and Chemexbrewers which are popular in the market. To produce a sweet and clean cup of coffee, these are designed so well to give a slow and therapeutic kind of brewing process. This method will assure an even distribution of water. You will certainly need a gooseneck kettle for this method.

A good grinder can produce an even and consistent grind to give you the best tasting coffee. Blade grinders can result in an inconsistent grind leaving your coffee taste bitter. When you upgrade your grinder, you will find the difference.

It is necessary to rinse the papers before brewing to eliminate the paper taste. White or brown filters are a good option and you may also use a reusable stainless steel filter.

Gooseneck is the best kettle you can think of to have a full control over the water distribution while brewing. One with an in-built thermometer is a good idea.

Scale and timer
Because accuracy matters a lot in brewing coffee, measuring the coffee, water and the time of brewing is important to land on the perfect taste. Though this can seem daunting at first, the result can be awesome and consistent in giving you what you will expect. Go for an economical kitchen scale with a 0.1g accuracy and use your phone for the timer.

Water can extract the coffee at its optimum capacity when it is boiled between 195 and205F. If you donot have a thermometer, it is good to make your boiled water sit for 30 seconds before brewing.

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