What to Get From a Cake and Candy Supply Store

While people normally associate bakery supplies with things like flour, sugar, and baking powder, they often forget the value of candy supplies in a bakery kitchen. Candy has been an important ingredient in bakeries for a long time since they have proven to be so useful in creating a wide range of sweet treats. You can use candy supplies as either baking ingredients or decoration, but either way, you are going to create some incredibly delicious products that your customers will love. In order to bring all of these candy products into your baking, you first need to identify what kind of products you are going to pick up from your cake and candy supply store. You want to look for ingredients that are versatile and can be used for lots of different baked goods, and you want candies that people will immediately recognize as a flavor they enjoy. Let’s go over a few types of products you will want to buy from a cake and candy supply store so that you can get to work incorporating candy type products into your recipes.

Candy Melts
The first type of candy product you want to order from a cake and candy supply store is a variety of candy melts. These ingredients are super-versatile and can be used for anything from decorating baked goods with a swirl design, to coating cake pops and even creating your own customized candies. That’s right, you can create your own candies just by pouring your heated up candy melts into silicone molds to create a particular design. Those candies make perfect toppers for cakes and cupcakes, adding a little treat on top of another.

Candy Pieces
You should certainly look for candy pieces with different fillings inside like coconut cream, whipped chocolate, or peanut butter. These little bite-sized snacks are great for including in your recipes because they add a nice pop of flavor to anything. You could include one at the center of a cupcake for a special treat or chop them up smaller and mix them into the batter of a cake so that the delicious candy melts right into the cake. A good cake and candy supply store should give you a good amount of options so you can experiment with different flavors.

Assorted Chocolates
It’s hard to imagine a bakery without a huge stash of various chocolates. You can use these ingredients so much all throughout your baking that it’s hard to even list out all of the possibilities. You can use chocolate chips, chunks, and shavings to any of your baked goods to make the chocolate lovers out there very happy. These ingredients can be mixed into a batter or dough and used as a topper to give your customers a look at what is inside. You should be able to find a great range of chocolatey products at any cake and candy supply store, so you will have no trouble stocking up.

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