What Wholesale Commercial Pastry Supplies Do I Need?

As you prepare your kitchen to be fully stocked with everything it needs, you will want to be prepared for dessert. With a modest amount of ingredients on hand, you can prepare a wide range of different types of pastries for your customers to enjoy. To get your kitchen ready for making loads of pastries, make sure that you purchase the right wholesale commercial pastry supplies in time.

Raw Ingredients
These are the foundational ingredients that you will need to prepare just about anything in a commercial kitchen. Anyone familiar and experienced with baking and pastry making, in particular, will already be familiar with these ingredients. These, of course, include things like different types of salt, eggs, flour, sugar, leavening agents, etc. A well-stocked commercial kitchen that deals with baked goods should already have these in stock, but it is good to note regardless. You may also want to reconsider the suppliers you use currently in case you would rather purchase most of your goods from one wholesaler and your current one does not carry all of the wholesale commercial pastry supplies you need.

Bulk Pastry Dough
Aside from the raw ingredients that you need in order to prepare your pastries from scratch, you may also want some other ingredients that will help you to expedite and simplify the baking process. Using partially prepared ingredients like puff pastry dough or pre-made pie crusts can help you in the kitchen significantly. It reduces the amount of time you need to prepare your baked goods by cutting down on several steps, leaving you more time to work on other matters like the fillings and decoration. Using bulk pastry dough is also a great way to ensure some degree of consistency in your products and reduces your chances of any sort of slip-up throughout the day. The dough is partially prepared for you, so you can finish it off with a filling, a bake, and any decorations you will want to add.

Ready-to-Go Pastries
In a similar vein as the puff pastry dough, we have wholesale pastry supplies that are almost entirely complete. These baking supplies make it much easier to prepare your products for the customer in a timely manner since most of the steps are completed before these products make it to you. In case you did not know, you can actually order some types of pastries like croissants and danishes ready to bake and send off. Many already include a filling, so all that is left for you is the baking and finishing touches.

Boxes & Packaging
Last but not least on the list of wholesale commercial pastry supplies you need, is the packaging. While this is not the most obvious for many of us to think of right away, it is still highly important. You need to have enough suitable bakery packaging on hand so that you can deliver your baked goods to the customer. For larger orders, this will include paper bakery boxes and plastic domes that can house many pastries safely. Smaller orders of one to three pastries will require a different type of packaging like small paper bags. Of course, either way, you will need materials like napkins and wax paper to wrap everything up for the customer. Just don’t forget about packaging when shopping for pastry supplies.

With the right materials in supply, you should be able to whip up a good amount of fresh pastries on a regular basis for your eager customers. Stay on the lookout for wholesale baking suppliers who carry great products at reasonable price points. A great place to turn to for wholesale commercial pastry supplies is stovercompany.com. They carry all of the pastry supplies mentioned above and even more baking supplies that you might need. Keep them in mind the next time you are shopping for wholesale baking supplies.

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