Why Your Bakery Should Use Stratas Shortening for Frying

Rather than sticking to using frying oil to create your fried treats like donuts, you might want to consider using another ingredient that will perform the same task, but with better results. Think about what Stratas shortening can do for your recipes.

Preserve Flavor
All too often, we fry our donuts and only realize after we take a sample, that there is a lingering flavor from the oil. Some frying oils will leave behind more of a flavor than others, but really none are too desirable. After working so hard to mix the perfect dough and then creating the filling or toppings to add the right balance of flavors, you do not want to see everything get thrown off by the lingering flavors of the oil. It would spoil all of the work you have done to develop flavors and leave you with an unsatisfying product. To avoid this happening altogether, it is a good idea to switch to a frying product that does not impart flavor, such as the Stratas shortening. It is almost entirely flavorless, which allows you to keep the flavors of your products from getting muddled behind the aftertaste of frying oil. Preserve the flavors of your products by using a flavorless frying shortening instead of a frying oil.

Cleaner Process
Those who work in professional kitchens take their cleanliness very seriously, always trying to keep their workspaces as neat as possible even while they are busy moving around and working with various ingredients. It is always good to know about more ways that you can keep your kitchen clean as you work. One way is to use the Stratas shortening for frying instead of oil or butter. Shortening has a very low water content and has great heat stability, which makes it fantastic for frying. This means that while you are frying with it, there will not be as much popping or splashback in the pan as you would experience with oil. This makes it easier to keep your work area clean and free of splattered oil. The shortening also helps with keeping the finished product mess-free as well since shortening does not drip off of your food the way that oil does. This leads to food that is less greasy and messy.

Easy to Store
While it is important to keep your kitchen clean, it is also important to make sure that all of your supplies are neatly arranged and organized in their designated areas. Shortening is a great product to utilize in the kitchen, not only because of its cooking properties but because of its ease of use and storage. Stratas shortening comes in convenient boxes that can easily be stored using your kitchen’s organizational system and are easier to use than oil. Shortening is creamy but fairly thick and holds its shape fairly well, unlike oil which is a liquid. Oil can easily be spilled, leaving behind a nasty mess that takes patience and the right cleaning products to properly clean up. Shortening on the other hand, is a great mess-free alternative since it does not run you the risk of spilling and leaving behind a mess and safety hazard like oil does. Fewer bottles of oil and more packages of Stratas shortening sounds like a much better idea for the sake of organization.

Give Stratas shortening a trial run in your bakery and see what it can do to streamline your methods and improve your fried products. You can find Stratas shortening in bulk sizes online at stovercompany.com, where they sell premium quality wholesale bakery supplies like shortening. Test out the shortening and consider it as a great alternative for frying.

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