Hot, High-Performance, and Worth Looking at: The Action Army AAP-01 Assassin wit

You can’t just use terms like “the ultimate airsoft pistol” lightly, even if it is a part of a product name. Action Army has made waves for its innovative, durable, dependable, even customizable designs, and the Action Army AAP-01 Assassin with the Black Mamba upper slide is worth checking out, even if you don’t buy one.

This thing is a gearhead’s dream and comes with a price tag to match. However, in this case, that price tag is well deserved. This airsoft pistol is engineered top-to-bottom for performance.

Like the standard Action Army AAP-01 Assassin, this pistol looks a little bit like a cross between an old-school Luger and a Ruger Mark IV. like them, it is also built to deliver.

Just looking at the pistol, this thing is made for high-performance and extreme maneuverability. It has a very thin profile and a lightweight design, both of which make the airsoft pistol feel very nimble in the hand. Don’t let that fool you – this airsoft gun is powerful and fast.

It’s capable of delivering muzzle velocities of up to 330 FPS with .20 gram airsoft BBs and is also capable of delivering semi-auto and full-automatic modes of fire, making it useful not only for CQB encounters but also for suppressive fire, especially at long range.

Speaking of that, this is an airsoft pistol that will surprise you with the capability of the ranges it can cover. It may not be as powerful or have the same capacity as some better-equipped AEGs, but they are AEGs and this is a gas blowback pistol. It has its limitations but you’ll probably never notice them.

Also, adding a note onto capacity, this thing is capable of accepting G series and Glock magazines, and there have been endlessly customized Glock mags out there, so you can build some serious capacity into this pistol, at only a little bit of expense in maneuverability. The pistol is green gas-operated, smooth, fast, and reliable.

Pairing the Black Mamba upper receiver kit to the Assassin takes it to the next level. Just take a look at this airsoft pistol (you can find them available at The thing is all rail space. It has adequate room along both the top and bottom of the slide for the mounting of accessories. Throw a red dot sight up top and a laser or a light on the bottom and rock and roll. Or go your own way; you can decide how you want to array this thing, which puts the fun in function.

It’s accurate and has serious range, which you can alter via the adjustable via the fully adjustable hop-up system that comes with it. It even takes Tokyo Marui upgrade parts, so there’s almost no limit to the customizations you can make to it. Tailor the performance according to your preferences or customize the airsoft gun to have some extra personality. This airsoft gas pistol gives you flexibility in ways that few do.
Powerful, fast, customizable, and with amazing range, this is, as has been remarked before, a strong contender for the ultimate airsoft pistol. If you have the money for it, no one would fault you for adding one to your collection, and even if you don’t you might get inspired by the design to create your own airsoft masterpiece.

Check it out at MiR Tactical over at, where you can also learn more about the base Action Army AAP-01 Assassin from which this customization is completed. They have these and a wide range of other airsoft pistols and airsoft products, and they’re only ever a call away. Get in touch with them at 800-581-6620 to learn more!

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