7 Best Ways to Illuminate Your Outdoor Space at Night

There is really no lighting source that is quite like natural lighting for your home, indoors or outdoors. But, just because the sun has set doesn’t mean it has done so on your time in your cozy outdoor space!

That is why you should have alternative lighting sources for your outdoor space. However, not all lighting sources are built the same. Let’s take a look at the seven best ways of illuminating your outdoor space at night!

1. Hang Decorative Lanterns with Candles
Looking to add an elegant yet traditional lighting source to your outdoor area? Try hanging some environmentally-friendly yet stylish decorative lanterns on your patio or porch. These shed a warm light from the candles they house within yet also provide enamoring complementary elements that are truly unmatched.

2. Place Decorative Lanterns on Tabletops
Are you unable to hang decorative lanterns from your home’s eaves or simply don’t want to do so? Then place these beautiful pieces on your tabletops instead, like your outdoor dining table or side tables. The presence of these candle lanterns in these locations can still provide unparalleled light alongside their unique aesthetics.

3. Light Patio Torches (Bonus Points for Using Citronella Torches!)
By lighting patio torches around your outdoor space, you’re creating an inviting place that is perfect for winding down and decompressing. If you choose to utilize citronella torches instead of the more traditional “tiki” torches, then you will have the added advantage of effectively fighting off those pesky mosquitoes from biting you – and even potentially ruining your evening!

4. Set the Mood with an Outdoor Fireplace
If you have the space for it, nothing really could beat the addition of an outdoor fireplace in terms of illumination. A fireplace can truly “set the mood,” so to speak, while also providing some warmth on those cooler spring or fall nights.

5. String Up Some String Lights
String lights have exploded in popularity in recent years as an alluring yet simple decorative element for indoors and outdoors– and it’s really no surprise why. They’re cost-effective, practical, and easy to put up! Plus, they give you plenty of options in terms of placement, such as around posts/pillars, from your eaves, or across your ceiling!

6. Add Wall and Step Lights
If you are looking for illumination sources that are major space-savers, then try out wall and step lights. You can either have these installed into your walls or stairs by a professional or you could add temporary lights that you could purchase from various common stores!

7. Have a Pool? Toss in Floating LED Globes
If you have a pool nearby your favorite outdoor space, then you could even light up your entire space by adding floating lights to your pool! Toss in some floating LED globes and the setting you create will truly be second-to-none.

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