Ideas for Decorating With Tabletop Patio Torches

Decorating your patio can be a very fun time for those of us who enjoy the process of home decorating and mapping out where everything is supposed to go. It is a different experience from decorating the inside of your home which has some very different needs to keep in mind since you will have appliances and fixtures to work around/with. Your patio area is sort of a clean slate outdoors. You can do whatever you want with it really to make it a fun little retreat for you right by your home.

One of the things you may consider using to decorate your patio area are patio torches, or more specifically tabletop patio torches, which sit on a table or flat surface instead of standing up high off the ground like a stand-alone torch. These little torches are certainly easy on the eyes but may leave you stumped when deciding what to do with them exactly. The truth is, tabletop patio torches are easy to work with and to use as decoration. Still not sure? Here are some ideas for what you may want to do with those torches.

Use As Your Outdoor Lighting

If you were thinking about getting some lamps, or strings of lights to place around the patio space, we will have to stop you right there. Instead of picking up some light bulbs and wires, you may want to go for a set of patio torches as your main source of light for your patio. Keeping patio torches burning does more for you than just generating light. The citronella oil used in the patio torches can help to keep the bugs away on summer nights. The oil is a known repellent for insects, so having the oil burning while people are outside could be a wise decision to keep everyone nice and comfortable.

Make As a Decorative Accent

It is easy to focus on the flames they emit, but we have to acknowledge how beautiful the vessels themselves are. As an example, just look at the stunning tabletop patio torches at H Potter made from materials like: brass, copper, glass. These are beautiful works of art and would make lovely centerpieces on any side patio table. Just a few could make a huge difference in the space, adding some subdued elegance to the space where you and your family might sit out to relax. You can sit outside one evening and enjoy a cup of tea by firelight in absolute peace.

Decorate For a Party

Patio torches are great for just you and your family to enjoy, but they also work when you add more people to the mix. Patio torches are beautiful to have set up all over the yard area as decoration and lighting in one. They produce light in a special way that only incandescent light can with a soft feeling of worth filling the area. That is ambient lighting for you. It does not just change the lighting, but it influences people’s mood and creates an atmosphere that just cannot be replicated any other way.

Hopefully you have a better idea of what you can do with tabletop patio torches in your own yard as decor. You can also look around online to find visual inspiration like some sets of beautiful tabletop patio torches that you could imagine seeing in your own yard. Just as an example, H Potter has a great selection of patio torches for you to choose from and envision having in your own life. Just be sure to get some extra wicks, so you can enjoy seeing those torches go on for a long, long while.

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