Most Iconic and Compassionate DC Heroes

Wearing a morganite bead bracelet inspires compassion and empathy. It’s a gemstone that encourages healing and self-love. In other words, this jewelry is perfect for any hero to wear. Looking for positive inspiration? Here are the best DC heroes that inspire hope and peace.

This alien princess with attitude came to earth and joined the Teen Titans in the 80s. She’s been a mainstay in the Titans ever since. What makes Starfire stand out is her fiery and joyful personality. People love following her journey as she continues to learn more about earth’s curious customs.

Supergirl debuted in the late 60s, starting as a sidekick and slowly coming into her own. Supergirl has become one of DC’s most powerful heroes, making her an icon and an inspiration. What makes Supergirl so lovable, however, is her optimism and kindness. She wants to be her own person, not be in Superman’s shadow.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern has gone through a lot of changes — the person behind the mask has even changed. The new Green Lantern is determined and always looking to help others. He is known for his honesty and for taking on any challenge without fear. In some universes, Green Lantern is openly gay, making him an LGTBTQ+ icon.

Aquaman is often treated like a joke since he can talk to sea creatures. But Aquaman is actually incredibly powerful. He’s a leader and an imposing force. Aquaman deals with a pretty complex storyline, usually having to choose between his life on land and his community beneath the waters, Atlantis.

Green Arrow
Green Arrow started as a bit of a Batman clone but has become a standout character thanks to his interesting arc and insane arrow abilities. Green Arrow started as a playboy billionaire (sound familiar?) but became a socialist crusader like Robin Hood, his inspiration. He’s grounded and understanding, but this Justice League member is known for his deadly aim.

The Flash
The Flash is one of the most iconic DC heroes, the fastest hero alive. He has adventures that span through an immense timeline since he can literally travel through time thanks to his speed. He is still quite relatable, since he’s often trying to balance his life as a superhero with his professional and personal life. The Flash has a strong sense of judgment. He’s also a science geek who loves comics. Now that’s relatable.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is one of the first female superheroes, debuting in the 40s. She has the Lasso of Truth, which she often uses to get important information out of villains. She is all for justice, making her a fierce feminist icon. While she is extremely powerful, Wonder Woman is also known for her compassion for humanity.

Are any of these DC heroes leaving you feeling inspired? If you want to have the same confidence and compassion, try wearing Ice Import’s morganite bead bracelet. Then put on one of these iconic animated films to learn more about these heroes.

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