3 Top-Selling Elite Force Airsoft Guns in 2021

Elite Force and Umarex make some of the most popular airsoft guns in the game. Affordable, reliable, made of high-quality materials, and downright cool, Elite Force airsoft guns enjoy a great deal of popularity.

They’re tops if you’re looking for a new AEG or GBB to bring onto the airsoft field – one that will perform under duress and will not break the bank. Check out some of these top-selling Elite Force airsoft guns that you can pick up right now at MiR Tactical (MiRTactical.com).

HK MP5 SD6 Competition SMG AEG
While some of the most popular Elite Force airsoft guns in the game today as gas blowback pistols, don’t count Elite Force/Umarex out for rock-solid AEGs. Right now at MiR Tactical, you can pick up a Heckler & Koch MP5 SD6 replica for under 200 dollars.

The model in question is light, dependable, and durable. With an extremely tough polymer body matched to an equally durable polymer stock and handguard, this replica is built for competition. It also features high-quality internals – it has a Version 2 full metal, fully upgradeable gearbox.

It also features a long-type motor and an ambidextrous fire selector (safe, semi and full) and can deliver muzzle velocities of up to 350 FPS with .20g BBs. Thanks to its adjustable hop-up system, you can dial in accuracy as well.

Elite Force Glock 18C Gen3 Full Auto GBB
Elite Force might be better known for its airsoft pistols than it is for its AEGs, and the Elite Force Glock 18C Gen3 (full-auto version) is one of the best-selling Elite Force airsoft guns at MiR Tactical right now.

Officially licensed by Glock, this airsoft pistol is green gas-operated, and has a silky smooth action, super-fast cycling time, and features realistic blowback action. It’s also capable of fully automatic firing, which can be helpful in a pinch or even be used for bursts of suppressive fire (up to 300 FPS) in CQB encounters – which your opponents will not expect from a sidearm.

Before you shake your head and set your sights on an AEG, don’t be deterred by its “full-auto” designation. It comes with a 50 round mag and can be paired with larger Glock airsoft mags – that way you can enjoy the practicality of a fully automatic firing mode, even from an airsoft pistol.

EF Tactical 1911 Gen3 CO2 GBB
If you’re into airsoft pistols you just can’t go wrong with a 1911 replica. As popular as Glocks are nowadays, there’s simply no beating the classic, timeless appeal of the venerable M1911. This replica does it some justice.

This 1911 airsoft pistol features an all-metal frame and slide and mimics the features of the originals, down to the texture on the grips and the slide. This particular model also features a section of rail underneath the barrel – perfect for expanding the utility of this airsoft pistol with attachments like tactical lights or a laser sight.

Also, because it uses CO2 instead of green gas, it’s a fairly powerful airsoft pistol, capable of reaching muzzle velocities of up to 350 FPS, which is fairly high for a sidearm, and nearly 20% faster than the Glock replica mentioned above.

Get Great Service and Better Prices
Whether you’re looking for a new Elite Force sidearm or a dedicated AEG, check out the selection and prices online at MiRTactical.com. They’ll help you pick out what you want and even save you some money doing so.

Their policy is to set low prices but they also offer a price match guarantee, so get in touch with their customer service team at 800-581-6620 to learn more about it, or about any of these Elite Force airsoft guns.

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