5 Good Reasons to Get Involved with MilSim

MilSim is short for military simulation, which is specially planned and curated airsoft matches that follow carefully planned scenarios and some of which have stringent restrictions on what gear can and can’t be used. Largely, MilSim events are planned to closely replicate military engagements and simulate the conditions that might be experienced on a battlefield or in other tactical engagements.

Players take part in MilSim events for a wide range of reasons. Some matches are staged as training for law enforcement, military or paramilitary personnel. Some matches are planned and hosted as historical reenactments of historical engagements. Others are hosted simply for the enjoyment of recreation.

Regardless of your personal interest in the matter, here are some great reasons you should try MilSim.

1. Challenge yourself to learn new outdoor skills
One big reason that some players take up MilSim as a recreational activity is for the personal challenge of learning new outdoor skills. Oftentimes these matches take place over the course of a few days in the outdoors. In rain or shine matches, you may be pitted against the elements and under the constant threat of ambush or attack. These matches challenge players with shelter building, fire making, and other elements of camp craft.

2. Become a better tactician
Some military simulation matches recreate some historical engagements or establish challenging courses. In many of them, success is dictated by critical thinking and strategic planning that accounts for natural landforms and enemy team movements and dispositions. Taking part in a MilSim match can be a great exercise in critical thinking and tactical planning.

3. Give yourself a good chance to collect new gear
There are some military simulation engagements that very strictly control what airsoft guns, gear, and even uniforms and equipment that players can or can’t carry. These restrictions may make it necessary for you to expand your personal repertoire with new airsoft guns and supporting gear – and who doesn’t love a good, defensible excuse to build a collection?

4. Nurture your interest in history
Many military simulation matches closely replicate the events of actual historical engagements or battles. This gives players a chance not only to learn more about historically military affairs but also to collect historical equipment and gear and to participate in history in a way that few are able to. Though it might be a simulation, it can still be immersive – plus, players have a chance to trade ideas, experience, and knowledge during these engagements.

5. The camaraderie: meet new friends interested in the sport of airsoft
Finally, one last good reason to try MilSim out is purely recreational. You’ll meet other players like yourself who enjoy tactical planning, strategy, game mechanics, and possibly even history.

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