Are Worth Batting Gloves Worth It?

You’re in the middle of assembling your baseball bag and so far it seems like you have everything. You already threw in your cleats, some practice shirts, and baseball pants, swing trainers, you even remembered to throw in some eye black. But one thing is still missing. Your batting gloves. How could you forget something so vital to your game? There’s no way you can show up to the field without gloves of all things. Alright, let’s get to work. You need to get some new batting gloves and you don’t want to skimp out on comfort and quality. But first, let’s have a quick rundown of what we know about batting gloves.

What Do Batting Gloves Do?
This is an essential question for identifying why you are even buying these. Everything that you bring with you to a game should have a clear purpose, otherwise, it is just taking up space in your baseball bag. People wear batting gloves for a handful of reasons. These gloves improve grip on the bat, which is critical for maintaining complete control over every swing. This is especially helpful in the heat of the summer when your palms are sweating. Batting gloves also serve to protect your hands from things like blisters or the cold winter wind.

What to Look for in Batting Gloves
Before we pick out which gloves we want, we have to discuss what we are looking for exactly. It is not just enough to say we need batting gloves in general. We are going for quality; we are going for what makes good batting gloves. As we listed above, we largely want good grip and protection with our batting gloves. The material should be sturdy and resilient so that it shields the hands without ever tearing or falling apart. At the same time, the fabric used should not be too thick or it may create more of a disconnect between your hand and the bat. Some players rely on the feel of the bat with every swing and hit in order to perform their best.

Ultimately, you will want comfort. You can’t expect to perform your best if you are spending the whole time fighting with your gloves and trying to loosen them up. Your gloves need to fit well and feel comfortable on your hands even if you are playing long games with them on. They should be breathable, so your hands don’t feel sweaty or suffocated in them. Just think about what would make you feel the most confident to go into a game wearing.

Which Gloves Are Right for Me?
Now that we know what we want, we have to pick out the right brand to shop from. It’s better to buy from reputable brands that have been known to deliver quality baseball products for decades. You know that their products will work well because other players for years have purchased from them and given their products actual wear tests in the field. One of these brands is Worth Sports. It’s easy to trust Worth batting gloves because we know that they have been put to the test by actual players and have passed. These neon green Worth batting gloves are designed with breathability and elasticity in mind so they check the box for comfort right away. This red, white, and blue pair of Worth batting gloves is made with an Oil-Tac palm to be extra durable so they last through wear and tear.

Now that you know what to look for, you can find your ideal pair of Worth batting gloves at now. Your baseball bag finally has its missing piece.

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