Benefits of Fungo Baseball Bats

What is a Fungo Baseball Bat?
Fungo bats have been popularized by baseball coaches for being an excellent way to give practice to your field plays. These specific bats are lightweight and great for hitting pop-flys to improve a player’s fielding skills. They are also great because coaches can easily hit a large number of baseballs into the outfield without getting tired. The lightweight nature of the bat makes repeating the repetition of tossing the ball into the air and hitting it far into the field extremely easy. It also allows the coach to control where the ball goes as well, making it great for practicing hits to right or left field.

Types of Fungo Bats
Before purchasing a Fungo baseball bat, you should look into which type of Fungo bat will suit your coaching style best. There are two main types of Fungo bats, aluminum bats, and wooden bats. They each have their own benefits to them and some coaches prefer one over the other for various reasons. Below we dive into the advantages and disadvantages of each type of Fungo bat.

Wood Fungo Bat
Wooden Fungo bats are the most common type of bat used by coaches. Coaches tend to opt for the wooden fungo because they find they are much more comfortable to swing and come in a variety of different weights. Most people are comfortable with swinging a wooden bat anyway and since they are using this to give practice for their field players, they don’t see the need in using an aluminum bat. Typically, coaches for younger teams like high school or little league teams will use wooden bats as there will not be a large difference in the performance outcome from using wooden vs. aluminum bats.

Aluminum Fungo Bat
Aluminum Fungo bats are generally less common than wooden Fungo bats. This is because coaches tend to find the aluminum bat more difficult to swing especially in a repetitive motion to give their players practice.

However, in recent years some coaches have seen the benefits of practicing with an aluminum bat. Since most batters use an aluminum bat, it makes sense that some coaches find their players’ fielding performance improved when they also practice with an aluminum bat. The aluminum Fungo bat is most alike to what the players will experience in a real game. Typically collegiate teams use aluminum bats to successfully simulate real hits to their players.

Where to Find Fungo Baseball Bats?
Headbanger Sports, also known as H.B. Sports has a good variety of Fungo bats for you to choose from. They have wooden and aluminum Fungo bats that will definitely help improve your players’ fielding performance. To simulate real in-game situations with your players, hit practice ground balls and pop flys and improve their gameplay in no time. Check out the H.B. Sports website to find the type of Fungo bat that will work best for you and your team. You can check them out at and see all the Fungo bats they have to offer.

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