Best Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bags for Men and Women

There is no greater feat in golf equipment shopping than finding the right golf bag for you, your clubs, and equipment. It can be overwhelming to decide on various factors, such as brand, model, color, pocket number, weight, and so on.

To start, one of the best golf bag brands is Sun Mountain. Their golf bags typically cater to the walking golfer and are very well-designed. When purchasing a new golf bag, choosing a Sun Mountain is always a great idea.

One particular golf bag that is one of the most sought after are stand bags. Instead of laying your golf bag in the dirt, sand, or grass and bending over to get out to the right club when you need it, you can keep your bag standing up. This is one of the most convenient options in a golf bag that every golfer should seriously consider.

So, the big question is what are the best Sun Mountain golf stand bags for men and women? Let’s take a closer look at the best one for men and one for women.

2022 Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag
This bag is exceptional in all the right ways. It has highly durable carbon fiber legs, which allow the bag to stay up but won’t make the bag heavy when being carried. Carbon fiber is an ideal material for golf bag legs as it is lightweight and shockingly sturdy.

The top of this bag is nine inches with a four-way divider, which allows for optimal club organization. There are six pockets, including a beverage pouch, for ample storage space. The X-strap dual strap technology is made of thick and high-density foam. This foam and X-strap technology lets carrying the bag far easier and more comfortable. The entire bag weighs just under three pounds, an exceptional weight for an exceptional bag.

On top of all these advantages, the 2.5+ model comes in a variety of colors to best fit anyone’s color preference and even personality. Plus, it comes with a rain hood so you never have to worry about your clubs and equipment being affected by the elements.

2021 Sun Mountain Women’s 3.5 LS Stand Bag
For the lady golfers, you won’t find a better stand bag than this model from Sun Mountain. Just as this brand always does, they considered the golfer’s comfort and convenience. There are nine pockets in this unique bag, which allows you to have an abundance of storage space to hold all of your golf equipment and personal items. The 9-inch top on this bag has a 4-way divider for the organization of your clubs.

Whether this bag is being carried or waiting for you to take your swing, you can depend on it due to its durability. The carbon fiber legs allow the bag to stand up with ease and strength. While carrying it, you certainly won’t be uncomfortable. The bag is lightweight at 3.5 pounds, which is a remarkable weight for any golf bag. It also has a cushioned hip pad and X-strap dual straps made of high-density foam for optimal comfortability.

This bag also comes in a stunning cadet gray with accents of fuschia. It also comes with a convenient and dependable rain hood so you can focus more on your game and less on the effects of the weather on your equipment.

And there you have it: the best Sun Mountain golf stand bags for men and women. If you are looking for the best both new and used golf stand bags and other golf equipment, check out Dallas Golf Company. They have everything you need to amplify your game on the green.

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