How Can a Rawlings Fastpitch Softball Bat Benefit You?

Anyone looking for a new bat that offers enhanced performance for the upcoming spring season can’t go wrong with a Rawlings fastpitch softball bat – or any piece of Rawlings equipment, for that matter. Rawlings is one of those few names in the industry that has had a marvelous history of success and continues to set the bar higher and higher every year with the release of new and better equipment.

Like all great brands, Rawlings is not elite because of its name, but because of the fact that they consistently produce performance equipment. All you need to do is look through a catalog of Rawlings fastpitch softball bats and the features will jump out at you like frogs on a hot sidewalk. Their bats are completely packed to the gills with advanced features and technology.

To take an overview of some select features, consider a few of the following. Some of Rawlings’ new fastpitch bats are made with what they call a Performance Barrel. The naming convention is simple enough, and the bats are made with barrels that are 15% thinner in the walls. Why should this matter for you? Well, for one thing, it makes an extremely responsive, reactive barrel. More so, in fact, than any previous models.

Other bats are made with their Lizard Skins bat grips which are comfortable, fit the form of a batter’s hands, and offer superior grip without compromising on sensitivity. This, of course, comes in addition to other upgrades to their grips, composite barrel technology, and others that improve the sensitivity of the bat through the swing.

Some bats are made with enhanced and optimized end caps that improve the bat’s balance and speed without compromising performance. Take, for example, their Comp-Lite end cap that actually improves the bat’s balance for an unbeatable swing speed.

Others are made with expectation-shattering technological improvements like silicone-infused collars. That might sound like something that’s more at home in a solar panel than in a Rawlings fastpitch softball bat – but in fact, this technology helps to absorb and dissipate negative feedback from mishits. The batter experiences extreme sensitivity and feel, with none of the sting of a swing gone wrong.

Impressive as these features are, they pale in comparison to one of Rawlings’ most recent releases. At the bleeding-edge of bat technology, Rawlings only just came out with their Blast MotionⓇ Enabled Knobs, shattering the boundaries of what was previously considered high-tech performance in bats.

Rawlings bats that come with a MantraⓇ knob are compatible with their Blast Motion Sensor, which captures information about the player’s swing, all in real-time. This information can then be retroactively analyzed by players and coaches in order to provide the most accurate, individualized feedback yet available.

Perhaps the best part about this technology is that it fits right into the knob without impacting the balance, swing weight, or feel of the bat at all. It’s almost like it isn’t there – except it is, and it provides invaluable feedback to players.

It should come as no surprise that a company like Rawlings would be the one to get the first “smart bat” to market, and they’ve done so in their 2021 Rawlings Mantra. You can find bats like this – along with other salivation-inducing Rawlings fastpitch bats, over at

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