How to Pick Out the Perfect Baseball Glove

Baseball season is finally upon us. With the weather getting warmer your favorite Major League Baseball team on your TV you may be encouraged to get out and have a catch or play a game yourself. If you want to hop back into the sport, even if it is just having a catch, you will need a proper glove.

If you are shopping online for a glove there are a few things you should keep in mind. There are obvious things you’ll need to take into account like the fit of the glove and whether you’re buying a right-handed or left-handed glove. You don’t want to spend time searching for the perfect glove just to have it arrive and find out it’s for the opposite hand.

You will also want to consider what position you will be playing. Infielders and outfielders will have slightly different gloves than one another and catchers will have a different type of glove entirely. Lastly, comes the specifications of your glove like the brand and color. These are all a matter of opinion so pick something that matches your personality. Let’s go into more depth on each attribute to consider when buying a baseball glove.

Shape and Size
If you want the flexibility and comfort to move your hand and catch the baseball, the first thing to think about is the size of the glove. Baseball gloves come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. You can find gloves from 9” all the way up to 34”. Though usually anything in the 30” range is a catcher’s mitt. So unless you’re playing catcher you won’t have to worry about buying something that big.

After you go through the size options, and select one that’s best for you and offers you comfort then you just need to filter by handedness. Unless you’re ambidextrous you might be pretty upset to learn the perfect glove you just spent time and money on can’t be placed on the correct hand. By initially filtering by handedness you can eliminate all the options that are useless to you.

Though we already talked about the importance of the size of your glove, your actual position on the field has a lot to do with this decision as well. As mentioned before, the catcher’s mitt is much different and larger than the gloves of any other fielder. However, it is not the only glove to differ.

Each position is unique and requires different metrics. For example, When it comes to first base and outfield gloves usually it is recommended that they be slightly bigger than the other infield gloves. There are some glove brands that design them specifically for certain positions. If you are a pitcher and find a pitcher’s glove that is the size you are looking for that may be the glove for you.

Brand and Color
You may not think that color and design are that important when it comes to buying a baseball glove, but the truth is that a high-quality glove can last for years. If you choose the right brand of glove, then you may be using it for a long time. If that’s the case, you will want something that looks good and that you won’t get sick of down the road.

There are plenty of top-notch brands to choose from when it comes to baseball gloves. Some notable vendors include Easton, Marucci, Rawlings, and Wilson. Any one of these can be a solid choice depending on the other factors previously mentioned. Each one of these brands can be found on If you need a baseball glove then HB Sports is the spot to get it.

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