Remember to Bring A Batting Jacket!

When getting ready to start playing ball, keep in mind that there is more to your equipment than just a baseball bat and catcher’s mitt. You have to think about all the other playing gear you might need. That means picking up your gloves, cleats, baseball cap, and batting jacket. What? You mean you didn’t get a few batting jackets to go with your uniform? We have to do something about that then. Having all the right gear puts you in a baseball state of mind. It leaves you in just the right headspace to truly feel like you are out there where you belong. In or out of the dugout, you should set yourself up to be the best player in the game. Or at least someone’s number one fan.

A batting jacket is a crucial addition to any player’s gear. On or off the field, it allows you to stay cool while being physically active, and look pretty sharp at the same time. Honestly it’s hard to beat the look of a neat, well-fitted batting jacket paired with the rest of your uniform. And if your jacket is detailed with the logo of your favorite team, even better. Whether you are an active player or just a true fan of the game, a good batting jacket will find itself at home in your life all too easily. Rock your team’s colors or go for the old-reliable all black look. Find the best ones out there that suit you.

You shouldn’t run into any trouble finding an assortment of options in different styles and colors online and in-store. HB Sports is one of those online stores. Long sleeve jackets are great to wear year round as a lightweight but covered option. Despite the length of the sleeves, the material is designed for running around and working up a sweat while playing ball, so you can keep yourself cool even in the warmer months. A batting jacket with short sleeves is also an option if you really want to stay comfortable and feel the fresh air on your arms throughout the day.

As practical as it is for wearing in the field, a batting jacket is great for wearing casually like everything else in your wardrobe. Good quality material that holds up when you are sweating or moving around is perfect for everyday use as well as for games and exercise. You don’t have to worry about looking awkward in your sportswear off the field either. Sportswear has become popular for the day-to-day as well. If you are not a big fan of styling clothes, a good batting jacket takes some of the effort out of thinking about what you are going to wear for the day. Throw on the same jacket you wear in the batting cage with jeans and you are good to go, entirely comfortable in the clothing you know and love best.

Throwing on a batting jacket is as easy as putting on a sweater or sports jersey, only less hot than a sweater and more practical than that jersey. It’s a no-brainer for grabbing before heading out to a game, but can actually be an easy thing to wear for any other day while you’re at it. A batting jacket can blend in with the rest of your closet as simple, good quality clothing that doubles as sportswear. Show the world your love for America’s favorite pastime, whenever you feel like it. In the dugout, the batting cage, the field, or the streets, you can look and feel great in this simple piece of clothing. And to think you almost left the house without your jacket.

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