The Ventus Black: Is It the Best Fujikura Shaft in the Game?

Get ready for an inconvenient truth. There is no “best” Fujikura shaft. At least, there isn’t just one.

Also, what the best shaft is for player A may not be a good choice for player B, so keep that in mind.

With that out of the way, let’s take a close, fair look at one of the Fujikura shafts that a lot of people have called the best: the Ventus Black.

Here’s how it breaks down, what it offers, and who it benefits.

What the Ventus Black Offers
The Black is only one of three shaft profiles in the Fujikura Ventus line. The others are Blue and Red, which offer different shaft profiles and therefore different launch characteristics.

The Black, however, is the stiffest of the bunch. Ideal for players with high swing speeds and tempos, the Ventus Black produces low launch angles and low spin.

This is the Ventus shaft for you if you swing fast, hard, and demand precision stiffness, high kickpoint, and low torque from your clubs.

The Ventus Black, like the other Fujikura shafts in the line, is made with several proprietary features and technology that improve its performance.

One of them is Fujikura’s use of extremely strong, thin, flexible Pitch 70 Ton Ultra High-Modulus carbon fiber, which contains what Fujikura calls “Maximum Carbon Fiber” content for unrivaled strength and consistency.

The Ventus Black also boasts VeloCore Technology, which produces a multi-material bias core construction that delivers exceptional consistency and stability.

The Ventus shafts, which feature VeloCore Technology, remain stable through transition and impact, maximizing MOI, which in turn increases velocity and “smash factor.”

This technology helps your shots carry straighter and farther.

The Ventus Black, which is 46” in length, is available in weights ranging from 58g to 106g. Ventus Black shafts feature ultra-stiff tip and handle sections and stiff midsections. They are available in stiff, extra stiff, and tour-spec extra stiff ratings.

Be careful before you swing a Fujikura Ventus Black. You might not want to swing anything else afterward.

Who Is the Ventus Black Not for?
While Ventus Black Fujikura shafts offer exceptional stiffness and stability, at and through the moment of impact, they are not for everyone.

If you have a slower swing speed – say, below 90 MPH, or a slow swing tempo, the Black line might not be for you.

Players with slower swing speeds might find the Black line to be too stiff and unresponsive, not to mention unforgiving.

Remember, the Ventus is also available in Red and Blue configurations, which are more forgiving, more flexible, and produce slightly higher launch profiles. These may be more suitable for players with slower swing speeds and tempos.

Explore These and Other Fujikura Shafts
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