Think You Won’t Love a Green Gas Glock? Think Again!

For you readers that have seriously gotten into airsoft and have amassed a collection of replicas and gear, now’s not the time to cut back on your collection. Now’s the time to get yourself a sweet new piece of gear, because Spring is on the way and so are plenty of opportunities for plinking and competition.

If you don’t have a green gas Glock, it’s time to get one, and if you have one, it’s time to get another – and the reason isn’t even because officially licensed airsoft Glocks are cool. It’s because expanding your arsenal with capable equipment is something every serious player should be interested in doing.

Already have a Glock 17? Get a green gas Glock 19! Already have a 19? Got one of the other green gas models. Wondering about the reason and origins for our fervor? It has to do with the extremely smooth operation and rapid rate of fire of a green gas blowback airsoft pistol.

Let’s face a simple fact. There are some really cool spring-powered airsoft guns out there, but despite their power and potential accuracy, they just have such a slow rate of fire and cumbersome manual cycling that they aren’t really practical.

Gas-powered pistols, on the other hand, offer a ridiculously high rate of fire. Even though some of them don’t offer the full-auto modes of some AEGs, you rarely need that with a sidearm anyway, and for what it’s worth, gas airsoft guns have some of the smoothest actions in the game. That keeps your accuracy dead-on.

Yet not all gas blowback pistols are created equal. Airsoft pistols that take CO2 cartridges may generate slightly higher pressures than green gas, but green gas pistols cycle more smoothly and the gas is easier on the gun’s internals. By the way, some green gas propellants (which is actually propane) often have a little silicone added in, which protects and lubricates the moving parts of your GBB airsoft pistol. That means your airsoft pistol will cycle like butter, and usually pretty quietly, too.

Here are the hard facts. A fully-licensed green gas Glock is cool, but that’s not the only reason to get one (or another). These high-quality airsoft guns cycle more smoothly than any other type of airsoft action, can be custom-tailored for specific performance, produce high power and decent accuracy, and can be endlessly customized. They’re also not terribly expensive, so if you already carry one on your right hip, add a second holster on the other side, or throw in a cross-draw surprise. Your combatants in a match will never see it coming.

If you’re convinced – and by this point, you should be – visit MiR Tactical at, where you’ll find some of these GBB Glocks at the best prices around, in addition to spring-powered and electric airsoft guns. They carry the best brands in the game and represent Elite Force, Umarex, Lancer Tactical, KWA, Tokyo Marui, and others very well.

Visit their website today and see what’s in store. You can even pick up an airsoft mystery box while you’re there, the cost of the contents of which are guaranteed to exceed the price of the box. Besides, if you have any questions, you can always call them at 800-581-6620.

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