What to Know Before Shopping Slow Pitch Softball Bats for Sale

While you are getting your list ready for all of the equipment and gear you need to buy to start playing slow pitch softball, one thing that will likely be high up on that list is a bat. At least if you plan on swinging in a game. But before you go ahead and shop ASA slow pitch softball bats for sale, you need to be sure that you understand certain things about softball bats so that you do not get confused and make a bad purchasing decision.

Even if you only intend to play casually, you will still want to know a bit about softball bats so that you can buy a good one that will help you in your games. As tempting as it might be, you can’t just look at a listing of slow pitch softball bats for sale and decide to pick one that is in your favorite color. You will want a bat that will do the most for you and help your game. Besides, if you are going to be playing a game, you might as well learn a little bit about it along the way.

Softball vs Baseball Bats
We should start off with this comparison because, for many, baseball bats are their main point of reference. They know much more about the equipment needed to play a game of baseball than they do about softball. Let’s lay this out plain and clear so that there is no confusion and you are not mixing up attributes you want in slow pitch softball bats for sale or getting measurements wrong. The first difference you will probably notice is in the lengths. Softball bats are typically a few inches longer than what you will want in baseball bats. An adult baseball bat also has a slightly larger diameter than a softball bat will. The bats need to be a bit different to address the differences in the games, specifically as it relates to the ball being used. Softballs are much larger than baseballs are and will not reach the speeds of baseballs in competitive, professional games. These traits make it easier for people of all ages to find some slow pitch softball bats for sale and get started right away.

Slow Pitch vs Fast Pitch Softball Bats
Getting into the game of softball itself, you will notice some great differences immediately between slow pitch and fast pitch softball. Fast pitch is played with bats hitting at much higher speeds. To achieve this, the bats are more lightweight and slim in design. This allows the hitter to swing quickly more easily. Compared to this, slow pitch is a much more relaxed game. The speeds are lower so the bat is allowed to be a bit heavier with a larger barrel, which helps to hit the softball.

What to Buy
All of this spiel was just to make sure that you had a solid, basic understanding of slow pitch softball bats and what makes them distinct from other bats on the market. You would not want to show up to a casual game of slow pitch softball holding a baseball bat. That would be awkward. So now that you understand the gear a little bit better and have some more respect for what it is designed to do, you go and take a look at some slow pitch softball bats for sale. If you are still unsure of how to shop for the best bat, then you may want to look to HB Sports for some help. They have great options for lots of different bats there as well as some helpful information about softball bats. They also have their bats in fun colors. Just saying.

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