What You Need to Know About the 2021 Louisville Slugger LXT

It is no small feat to shop for the best softball gear. There are countless brands, shops, companies, and other variables to take into consideration when choosing the right gear for you or your child. One great place to start, however, is what piece of equipment you are looking for and the best brand.

Louisville Slugger is one of the top brands on the market and has been for well over a century now. They supply some of the most dependable, well-crafted, and high-performance-inducing equipment for both baseball and softball players.

When you are shopping for the best Louisville Slugger softball products, you should certainly start with their bats. One of their top-rated bats in 2021–and one of the best bats on the market right now– is the 2021 Louisville Slugger LXT. But, before you buy it right away, let’s look at its unique features along with reasons why it is so commendable.

Balanced Swing Weight
Both softball and baseball bats come in two types of weight distribution: balanced or end-loaded. End-loaded bats are pretty much what their name implies: loaded at the end of the bat. It is heavier in the barrel of the bat, which can occasionally make the bat feel heavier during a given swing.

Bats with a balanced swing weight, however, have the weight evenly distributed throughout the bat. This means that every swing will feel lighter and quicker. Many players tend to prefer this type of weight, especially in fastpitch softball. The LXT from Louisville Slugger has just that.

New Speed Composite Design Barrel
The barrel of the bat is arguably one of the most important parts of a softball bat– and rightfully so, as it is the part that makes contact with the ball. Therefore, it’s important that its composition is practical and made of the best materials available.

This Louisville Slugger softball bat, in particular, has a new speed composite design that uses a patented single disk. This combination of technologies allows for more “pop” in every drive. The barrel is also a healthy 2 ¼”.

Reduced “Sting”
It’s really not ideal when you hit a ball and feel the painful reverberation in your fingers and hands. Louisville Slugger took that pain into account when creating this divine bat. The LXT uses unique technology to greatly diminish that blasted “sting” effect. Its VCX2 Connection System allows the barrel and handle to have independent movement, which greatly lessens that sting.

Bigger “Sweet Spot”
Is there any better feeling than contacting the ball and driving it a far distance without any sting or question about how efficient the contact was? Not really, especially in softball. Louisville Slugger worked tirelessly to drastically improve and maximize that “sweet spot” in the LXT.

The company created the COPA™ performance end cap, which actively widens that sweet spot, so you can have a much bigger chance of sending that ball as far as possible.

Impressive Grip on the Handle
When your bat has an underwhelming grip, it can do you and your hitting a great disservice. Fortunately, your hands will have the ultimate grip and control with the Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip on the LXT.

This technology on the handle allows you to have increased tack, but also cushion for the utmost comfort with every swing.

When you are looking for the best Louisville Slugger softball bats, you should certainly consider the LXT for fastpitch. However, there is only one great place to purchase this incredible bat: HbSports. Be sure to contact them via phone at 1-888-540-BATS with any questions you may have.

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