6 Aromatherapy Sprays You Need in Your Home Today!

Aromatherapy has risen in popularity at an exponential scale in recent years. This is mostly due to the fact that people are becoming more mindful of the personal care products they use, more specifically the ingredients within them. Aromatherapy products are formulated with plant-based ingredients, especially essential oils, providing optimal benefits to their users.

One excellent example of aromatherapy products that everyone should utilize to their advantage is sprays. There are various aromatherapy sprays on the market today, but here are just six that you need in your home starting right now!

1. Bathroom Spray
We all know that the bathroom is subject to, ahem, strong odors. That is why we cannot recommend having an aromatherapy bathroom spray in your bathroom at all times enough! These are preferred over other bathroom sprays because they are plant-based and instantly deodorize the air, as they contain pungent yet pleasant essential oils, like Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, and Lemon.

This humorously-named bathroom spray called No. 2 Bathroom Spray from KM Herbals is your best option for the perfect aromatherapy bathroom spray!

2. Purifying Spray
Purify the air and any surface in your household with an aromatherapy purifying spray! These can easily be spritzed onto nearly any surface that you deem fit, such as sinks, countertops, refrigerators, toilets, showers, your yoga mat– wherever you think it’s necessary!

This Aromatherapy Purifying Spray from KM Herbals is the perfect example of such a product. Formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, and Lemongrass, the scent will be especially alluring and purifying! You can spritz this anywhere in your home but also in other locations, such as your office or car.

3. After Sun Spray
After a long day in the sun, especially when suffering from a sunburn, you should absolutely soothe your skin. But not just with any old product you find lying around– an after-sun spray.

The After Sun Spray from KM Herbals, in particular, is highly recommended, as it has been specifically formulated to soothe dry, cracked, and irritated skin. This lightweight spray contains especially beneficial and natural ingredients, like Aloe Vera, Lavender, and Rosehips. The result: cooled, hydrated, and overall nourished skin with the refreshing natural scent of calming botanicals.

4. Spray-On Moisturizer
For those with dry and sensitive skin, it can be exceptionally difficult to find a truly moisturizing skincare product. Fortunately, spray-on moisturizer exists and could very well be your saving grace to proper skin hydration and moisture retention.

The Coconut Spray-On Moisturizer from KM Herbals is enriched with organic virgin Coconut Oil, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Comfrey Herb, Jojoba Seed Oil, Rosemary Oil, and other beneficial organic ingredients. This unique combination of wild-harvested ingredients provides your skin with ample hydration, leaving it noticeably supple, soothed, youthful, and lightly fragrant.

5. Spray-On Toner
Toner is a vital part of any skincare regimen as it dives deep to cleanse your skin, ridding pores of toxins and other potential “cloggers,” and potentially lessening the likelihood of adverse skin reactions. However, a spray-on toner makes the application of such significantly easier and, when it’s aromatherapeutic, its efficacy is even higher.

KM Herbals has a few excellent options to choose from in terms of aromatherapy toner sprays:

● Frankincense Hydrosol & Toner

● Rosemary Hydrosol & Toner

● Frankincense & Rose Hydrosol & Toner

● Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol & Toner

● Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol & Toner

● Rose Geranium Hydrosol & Toner

6. Mask Mist
In this day and age, masks have become commonplace due to the pandemic. When you do wear yours, spraying it with an aromatherapy mask mist will make wearing a mask exceptionally more enjoyable! By using either the Rosalina Mask Mist or Tea Tree Mask Mist from KM Herbals on it, you will provide a pleasant aromatic scent to your favorite cloth mask!

Having these six aromatherapy sprays in your home (or in your purse!) with you wherever you go is never a bad idea – and is even necessary! Check out all of the premium aromatherapy products over at KM Herbals, as their offerings are hands down the best on the market today!

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