How de Mamiel Skincare Helps You Destress and Unwind

Nighttime skincare routines often follow a similar pattern. Of course, people use products regularly hoping to improve their skin health, but part of it comes down to the feeling it provides. They enjoy the feeling of applying the products they chose and they begin to rely on it as their way to unwind after a long day. This should come as no surprise seeing as the mind and body are so closely intertwined that when you treat one, the other is affected. This holistic mindset is a major component of Chinese medicine and other ancient folk remedies rooted in herbal medicine. As many of these practices have stood the test of time and continue to be employed in the present day, we see these principles and often ingredients used in new ways to yield similar results.

The founder of skincare and wellness brand de Mamiel applied her knowledge and expertise of Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, and esthetics to develop her brand. The brand de Mamiel is all about using the right botanical ingredients to treat the mind and body in one. When we take a closer look, it becomes all the more apparent how they manage to create such effective, soothing products.

Pure, Potent, Precise
These three words speak volumes about what de Mamiel is doing with their product formulations. Each product’s ingredients list is carefully chosen so that only the ones of the highest quality and efficacy will be used to bring about the desired results. With the help of her husband Chris, the brand’s founder, Annee, selects ingredients for their purity and intention and combines them into thoughtful blends. Each batch is instilled with healthy, positive energy through meditation and chanting to ensure that formulations meet their standards for quality in a physically and spiritually healing sense. Science and spirituality come together to create formulations that are soothing and effective, or as the brand might say: pure, potent, and precise.

Botaniques & Atmosphériques
In order to make it easier for customers to select the exact sort of product they need to address their concerns, de Mamiel has established two distinct, but complementary lines of products. These are the Botaniques or Atmosphériques. The Botaniques line is meant to help you with the emotional and personal stressors of everyday life. It is directed toward the spirit as well as the body so that you feel calmer and prepared to handle the new day. This line includes products like the Anchor, designed to help you rest easy at night, and the Salvation Body Oil for nourishing and protecting the skin. The Atmosphériques line is intended for helping the skin manage environmental stressors. This line includes products like the Pure Calm Cleansing Dew to cleanse and refresh the skin, along with the Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir for replenishing the skin and soothing the skin.

Soothing, Sensory Experience
Overall, de Mamiel contributes to a practice of self-care and stress management through the ritual of skincare. It uses skincare products as a way for you to treat your mind and body well, calming and soothing yourself so that the effects of stress do not take their toll on you. The products are luxurious and feel amazing on the skin, creating a heightened sensory experience that puts you at ease and nourishes the skin. With the mind and body being interconnected, an experience like this helps you as an entire being.

You can find all of these products referenced, and more at, where they carry de Mamiel along with many other fascinating clean beauty brands. Treat yourself with care and use only the best, most rewarding products to treat your mind, body, and spirit at once.

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