Why You Need to Try the Cleo and Coco Deodorant Right Away

Every day we see more brands coming out with clean or eco-friendly products to help provide us with better options as consumers. Having more options means that people will have a much better chance of finding the sorts of body products that will work well for them, which is great. The only thing left to do is make a decision about which product you want to use. In the case of clean or natural deodorant, there are quite a few options to choose from, but many that will not work for you. If you, like many, have been on the hunt for a great natural deodorant for the longest time, then you already know the frustrations.

There are so many brands out there that sell natural deodorants that simply do not work the way you need them to. After testing out deodorants from a number of different brands, the same issues seem to arise each time. They may leave behind a little bit of a scent blanketed over your own body odor and do little to help you feel and smell fresh. This is a major concern for anyone who sweats quite a bit and already knows that they need more security and strength in their deodorant. So this leaves us to wonder what brands are creating natural deodorants that actually work. One standout is the Cleo and Coco deodorant, which appears to check all the boxes for what we need and want in a deodorant we rely on daily. Let’s take a closer look at this brand and what they are doing to create a natural deodorant that really works.

What Inspired Cleo and Coco
If you are unfamiliar with the brand, Cleo and Coco was founded by Suzannah Raff as a way to solve a concern that she was having as a consumer. Like many of us, Suzannah was trying to make some changes in her life regarding the types of products she used on her body. She wanted to rely more on natural products with safe, clean ingredients that would make her feel more confident and secure in what she was using. After all, these are products that get absorbed into the skin and are used daily. While she was swapping out her body care products for safe alternatives, she ran into the same issue that many have when looking for natural deodorants. She had to find a deodorant that actually worked to leave her underarms fresh and comfortable. If she couldn’t find one in stores, she would just have to make one herself, and the Cleo and Coco deodorant was created.

Effective & Hydrating
The Cleo and Coco deodorant was formulated with only clean and safe ingredients so you can feel reassured that you are not putting anything toxic on your skin. Cleo and Coco avoids using talc or aluminum, but instead uses other ingredients like arrowroot powder to leave behind a dry, fresh feeling under your arms. Charcoal and bentonite clay are both used to purify the skin and remove moisture so that you do not have to experience clogged pores that leave you uncomfortable and in need of an underarm detox. The Cleo and Coco deodorant also utilizes shea butter and coconut oil to add nourishing moisture with a soft feel to the skin. All of these amazing natural ingredients come together to create a fantastic product that leaves your underarms feeling soft and fresh.

The Cleo and Coco deodorant could be the exact product you have been looking for all this time. It is a natural deodorant that keeps your underarms dry, comfortable, and smooth even on warm weather days. You can find the Cleo and Coco deodorant available in a variety of scents online at beauty-heroes.com. Pick out your favorite scent from their offerings and see how this deodorant works for you.

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