Why You Should Switch to Using a Reusable Cotton Round

Anyone whose beauty routine relies on cotton pads, and lots of them, would do well to swap out their old habits with new reusable alternatives. Instead of single-use cotton pads stacked up high, you might be better off using a reusable cotton round as a part of your daily routine.

The Convenient Option
After using traditional cotton pads for a long time now, you have probably picked up the habit of repurchasing them every time you get the chance. Every online order to a beauty store includes a new pack of cotton rounds, and every trip to the store leads to another two getting thrown in the cart, all to avoid accidentally running low. You use these single-use items so often that you have to consistently replenish your supply for fear of running out and not being able to make it to a store in time. It is frustrating and tiresome having to constantly purchase new packs one after the other. A reusable cotton round allows you to sidestep that concern with a single purchase. You buy a pack of reusable cotton pads and you are done. No more quick trips to the store as you try to stock up, yet again, on products you know you will have to repurchase in another month.

Easy on Skin
A reusable cotton round is gentle on the skin, but still completely effective at performing the task you desire it for. If your main use for a cotton pad is for removing makeup, you can trust a reusable cotton round to remove any trace of makeup on your face, even around your delicate eye area as you remove stubborn eye makeup. Organic cotton is super soft and easy on the skin, so you do not have to worry about coarse materials tugging at your face. With reusable cotton pads, you get to maintain that light, soft feeling, all while using a 100% cotton flannel material that is just as gentle on the skin as anything you are already used to. You do not have to make any sacrifices in order to switch over to reusable cotton pads.

Save Money Over Time
Since cotton pads are beauty staples in your routine, they are ones you will have to feel comfortable repurchasing consistently. While each pack of single-use cotton rounds you purchase does not cost much on its own, it is a recurring expense that definitely adds up over time. A reusable cotton round, on the other hand, eliminates that concern since they quickly pay for themselves. With the amount that you might spend on cotton pads in a few months, you could instead invest in a pack of reusable organic cotton rounds that will last you years. Just like that, you have completely removed a consistent purchase from your life, saving you money after a short while. Now you can completely pass over the cotton pads on store shelves, rather than making another habitual purchase.

Now is a good time to start exploring your options in the realm of sustainability when it comes to your beauty routine. You can buy reusable cotton rounds from lots of brands online right now and never have to deal with those constant repurchases again. There is an entire selection of them over at beauty-heroes.com that you will want to look at, so head over there soon.

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