Fitness Classes in Philadelphia: It’s Time to Get Moving

If you have been recently considering joining a new gym or signing up for new fitness classes, then take this as your sign to get moving! It is never too early or late to start a new fitness program that will help you reach your goals.

It may be difficult to know which of all the classes in the Philadelphia area will best suit your requirements, pique your interest, and sculpt your body in the way you want. Amongst all of the establishments available in and around Philly, one stands above them all: Reach Climbing & Fitness.

At Reach Climbing & Fitness, you have an abundance of fitness class options to choose from and you are exceptionally unlikely to be disappointed in any of them! Let’s take a look at their fitness classes, Philadelphia locals, so you can be one step closer to finding your dream fitness class!

1. Beginner Climbing and Bouldering Classes
If you have never rock climbed, either outdoors or indoors, you can still indulge in the classes at Reach Climbing & Fitness because they have several options for adult first-time climbers!

They offer Introductory Belay Classes along with Beginner Bouldering and Auto-Belay Classes. They even have Staff Belay classes where you can work with a dedicated, professional, and patient instructor for an hour along with a maximum of three other people. Get the private attention you need to learn how to be a true climber with the added advantage of camaraderie!

2. Intermediate and Advanced Technique Classes
Do you consider yourself to be a more knowledgeable climber, referring to yourself as either intermediate or advanced? Not to worry: they have plenty of classes for you as well!

For those of a V1 to V4 level, you can try their Intermediate Technique classes to hone your skills. As for those of V4-V8 levels, you can effectively push through plateaus and reach your ultimate climbing potential in their Advanced Technique classes.

3. Yoga and Conditioning
If you aren’t particularly “feeling” getting into climbing, belaying, or bouldering classes, then you can try something that is a bit more low-impact. They also readily offer Yoga classes and Conditioning classes where you can simultaneously strengthen muscles and find mental clarity.

They offer Vinyasa yoga, Acro yoga, and Krav Maga classes for exercisers of all levels. Strength training, calorie burning, and full-body workouts: what’s not to love with these group fitness classes?

4. Private Lessons
As for those looking for one-on-one attention and instruction for rock climbing, Reach Climbing & Fitness has private lessons available as well just for you. They have private lessons catered to climbers of all levels, so you can rest assured that you get the assistance you require to be your best.

5. Kids’ Climbing Classes!
If you have children who you would like to get involved in climbing, then Reach Climbing & Fitness has you covered there, too! They have various climbing classes for kids from 2.5 years of age and up. They even have summer camps available for either one single day or up to five days.

Are you ready to take your fitness goals seriously? Give Reach Climbing & Fitness a call today at 484-704-7612 to find the right class (or classes!) to get you one huge step closer to reaching the healthier and stronger body you’ve always dreamed of!

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