How Bathing Culture Makes Getting Clean Exciting

If we asked our childhood selves if taking a bath was a fun, exciting activity, the answers would probably be mixed. Bathing is more of a necessity than a fun pastime, after all. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t make this necessary activity a little more exciting. One brand on the market right now is doing its best to make bathing more exciting, and we have to say it’s working. Bathing Culture is changing the way that we are looking at our shower products and doing so flawlessly.

Locally Sourced Ingredients
A point of pride for the brand is its commitment to using organic and locally sourced ingredients in its products. That alone is commendable. Not many companies are able to boast that they manage to operate successfully while utilizing the resources available to them in their very own backyards, so to speak. Bathing Culture has stepped up and shown other companies that it is not only possible but rewarding to focus on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients while maintaining the bottom line. Bathing Culture is able to support other local businesses and raise them up in that area, supporting the local economy. It is a wonderful sight to see and we hope that other companies follow suit in their example.

Sustainable Packaging
Another thing that Bathing Culture does so well is maintain a consistent focus on using sustainable packaging. This is something that you can see across their entire line of products. The brand makes it transparently clear to the consumers that they are sincerely doing their best to make their products as low waste as possible and even zero waste in many products. The containers used are made of glass, metal, and recycled plastic, all of which are recyclable. Bathing Culture also does something very clever. It makes several of its products available in larger sizes so that people can purchase the smaller sizes to test out the product, then the larger ones to reduce the number of containers they go through in a given time period and save some money in the process. Their best-selling body wash is available in a travel size all the way up to a gallon with containers that you can refill easily. Once again, Bathing Culture sets the bar high for itself and encourages other businesses to do the same.

The Overall Style
Bathing Culture has really set up its own style. Everywhere you look, you can see the spirit of the brand, from the designs on the packaging and labels to the brand’s stylish website. It is more than well-placed logos, but an attitude that the brand has that spreads to the consumer. It is light-hearted, fun, and does not take itself too seriously. You can feel the energy of the founders washing over everything that the brand has to offer. The company was founded by two people in San Francisco who just wanted to make bathing products that everyone could enjoy and wanted to do it their way. Just looking at these swirling rainbows on clear glass bottles makes taking a shower seem a little bit more fun.

Bathing Culture somehow manages to do something that seemed almost impossible. It manages to make bathing actually sound fun. It’s exciting to see how much can be done with something as simple as washing up. Bathing Culture keeps things interesting with its sustainable packaging, high-quality ingredients, and cool style overall. With their products, the customers, the earth, and the brand all benefit. Their products leave your skin feeling great and your mind feeling at ease. Purchase a bottle of refillable body wash and bath salts and see for yourself. You can shop the brand at Beauty Heroes online, and make getting clean fun.

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